Sea and Air shipments

At Wit Logistics, we understand the importance of offering complete and integrated logistics solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

With our experience and our global network of partners, we are able to manage sea and air shipments efficiently and reliably, offering a full range of transport services.

Combining the two shipments

At Wit Logistics, we also offer multimodal transportation solutions that combine sea and air shipments to maximize efficiency and reduce transit times.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in the logistics sector, we are able to plan and coordinate complex shipments involving different modes of transport, guaranteeing deliveries and shipments all over the world.

The advantages of combining shipping by sea and air

Greater flexibility

By using both modes of transport, it is possible to adapt the shipment to the specific needs of the load and the timing required.

Cost reduction

By combining sea transport, which is generally cheaper, with air transport, which is faster but more expensive, more financially convenient logistics solutions can be achieved.

Greater reliability

By having two transport options available, you can reduce the risk of delays or unexpected problems during shipping, ensuring greater reliability in reaching the final destination.

Global coverage

The joint use of sea and air transport allows you to cover a wide range of destinations around the world, ensuring greater accessibility to international markets.

Optimized load management

By combining the two modes of transport, it is possible to optimize load management based on its size, weight and type, ensuring efficient and safe transport.

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